The Big Picture on Colors – New Quiz Show, Start Date, Registration Questions Answers

Check The Big Picture Colors TV Registration, Launch Date. The Big Picture Registration Quiz Daily Questions Answers.

The Colors TV is finally coming with New Quiz Show “The Big Picture”. This show will be the debut of Ranveer Singh in the Television Industry. The Participants of this show will be asked general awareness questions to win real money. The questions asked in the show will have a picture which candidates have to use for their answer.

The people who want to take part in the show will have to answer some questions posted under “Tasveer Se Taqdeer Tak” on JioEngage or Voot. Here one question will be asked every day for the ones who have registered for the show.

The Big Picture on Colors

As per the news source, the show could go on air from August 2nd at 09:30 P.M. We all know that Ranveer Singh is going to host a TV show for the first. It will be fun to watch him for his fans on TV. Now the organizers are running The Big Picture Registration Question Quiz where they ask one question daily to the audience who wants to participate in the show. All the participants who qualify for the further stages will be called by the Color to appear in front of Ranveer Singh and play the Quiz. They will get once in a lifetime chance to win a handsome amount of money.

Steps to Register for The Big Picture Show on Colors

  • To register for ”The Big Picture” you need to open the JioEngage or Voot app.
  • On the first page or homepage of the app, you will see a banner with the name of Tasveer Se Taqdeer Tak
  • Click on the banner and enter your basic details such as name, address, etc.
  • After this, your daily questions will appear in front of you.
  • Try to answer all questions correctly.
  • You can find answers to the question on this page too.

The Big Picture Daily Questions with Answers

Big Picture Registration Question – Day 1 


Question-1: Which of these companies is led by the person seen in the picture?

  • A. Bharat Biotech
  • B. Serum Institute of India
  • C. Biocon
  • D. Cipla

Answer – B. Serum Institute of India

Big Picture Registration Question – Day 2

question 2 the big picture

Question-2: Which mythological figure is seen with a bow in this picture?

  • A. Arjuna
  • B. Laxman
  • C. Bhima
  • D. Duryodhana

Answer: A. Arjuna

Big Picture Registration Question – Day 3

question 3 the big picture

Question-3: With which of these movements was the environmentalist, seen in this picture associated?

  • A. Bhoodan Movement
  • B. Chipko Andolan
  • C. Narmada Bachao Andolan
  • D. Bachpan Bachao Andolan

Answer – B.Chipko Andolan

Big Picture Registration Question – Day 4

question 4 the big picture

Question-4: What does the signal in this picture indicate?

  • A. Innings declaration
  • B. Substitute player
  • C. Requesting Third-umpire review
  • D. Drinks break

Answer – C. Requesting Third-umpire review

Big Picture Registration Question – Day 5

question 5 the big picture

Question-5: In Which city The Festival displayed in the picture is celebrated being in?

  • A. Somnath
  • B. Puri
  • C. Madurai
  • D. Kolkata

Answer – B.Puri

Big Picture Registration Question – Day 6

question 6 the big picture

Question-6: The lady in the picture is the Chief Scientist in a world organization fighting to the Covid19. Identify the personality.

  • A. Megha Rajagopalan
  • B. Tessy Thomas
  • C. Soumya Swaminathan
  • D. Indira Hinduja

Answer – Soumya Swaminathan

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