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In the past few years, we have observed that the government under the leadership of Narendra Modi has been making progress toward digitizing many government programs. To ensure there is complete openness inside the system, every service and resource that is made available to the general public is currently being digitized.

The governments of the states have recently shown an interest in these kinds of services. The initiative to digitize ration cards was begun by the State Government of Tamil Nadu, which has assumed the lead on the project. This program has initially only been implemented in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.

By kicking off the process of digitizing the TN PDS Ration Card 2022, Chief Minister Sh. M.K. Stalin has demonstrated leadership that other state leaders can follow. In 2021, the plan to digitalize the Ration Card was presented to the public for consideration.

The TNPDS Smart Ration Card may only be obtained from the Department of Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System Authority, which is the card’s issuing authority. The state government of TN has begun accepting applications for ration cards through the use of the online platform. In addition to this, you will also be able to obtain your Tamil Nadu Smart Ration Card through the online distribution system.

TNPDS Smart Ration Card 2022

TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Name of Event TNPDS Smart Card
Department Name Public Distribution System
Beneficiaries Citizens of Tamil Nadu
Registration Mode Online
Objective Digitalization of Ration Card
Official Website
State Concerned Tamil Nadu

Aim of TN Smart Ration Card

  • Complete eradication of hunger and starvation in the Indian state of Tamil Nadu.
  • to shield the general public from the negative repercussions that may result from the continued increase in the pricing of necessary goods.
  • Providing affordable home fuel like kerosene.
  • facilitating the cardholders’ access to stores that offer fair prices in a convenient manner.
  • Making sure that costs of basic goods are affordable, particularly for those who are the most financially
  • disadvantaged.
  • to ensure that critical goods are available at the appropriate period of the month each and every month.

Types of Ration Cards

  • Green Cards – Citizens who purchase rice and other goods from the Fair Price Shops are eligible to receive green cards. These cards are given out by the government (FPS). Cardholders of the Antodaya Anna Yojna programme also fall into this category.
  • White Cards – It allows its holders an additional three kilograms of sugar above the quota that has been given.
  • No commodity card – This card does not allow the holder to draw any commodities from ration stores and hence is not a commodity card.
  • Khaki Card – Cards in this style are known as khaki cards, and they are given to members of the police force who have attained the level of an inspector or above.

Required Documents to Apply for TNPDS Smart Ration Card

The following items must be presented during the application process for a TNPDS Digital Ration Card:

  • Aadhar Cards of Members of the Family
  • Pan Card
  • Picture of members of the family
  • The family head’s bank book
  • Certificate of caste or category
  • Income certificate for a family
  • Recent bill for electricity

The process to Apply Online for TNPDS Smart Ration Card

Citizens of Tamil Nadu are required to have knowledge of the application process in order to submit a request for a new TNPDS Digital Ration Card. The process of applying for a new digital ration card may be broken down into a few easy steps.

  • To begin, look through the official website, which can be found at
  • After that, select the Smart Card / Electronic Card Application Services option from the drop-down menu.
  • To apply for a new smart card, click on the link that says “Apply for New Smart Card.”
  • Complete the essential fields and then submit the necessary papers.
  • After that, send in the application form, and you will be given a Smart Card Number.
  • Get a copy of the same information printed off for your records.

Instructions to Add or Remove Family Member in TNPDS Ration Card

  • Go to the official website, which may be found at
  • Follow the link that is labeled Related Services for Electronic Cards.
  • Simply select the “Add/Remove a Family Member” option with your mouse.
  • Please complete the necessary fields on the next page after it has been opened.
  • The last step is to send in the application form.

Steps to check the Status of the TNPDS Smart Ration Card

  • To access the official website, type into your web browser.
  • To access Electronic Card Services, select the link in the menu bar.
  • After that, select the link labeled Status of Electronic Card Application by clicking on it.
  • Complete this section with the reference number you were given when you registered for the application.
  • Simply check the application status after clicking the button that says “submit.”

Click here to Apply Online for the TNPDS Smart Ration Card

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